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B L A C K  S W A N  L A N E  – S T O P  T O  S M I L E

Stop To Smile (Rough Mix, Unmastered) 

D7K_0141Stop To Smile
I rarely do this before an album is released, however, because of our delays, I’m giving you all a listen to one of the proposed tracks for our upcoming seventh album. I also thought a song with the word smile in it may be needed during these crazy and strange times we are living in. Don’t waste your time, just stop to smile once in a while… I can happily say that our seventh album is guaranteed with Wanderland Music for this year. We have been diligently working around the clock on it and it should go to final mixing next month with Jeff Tomei. We have about 15 songs completed and we will carve the album down to maybe 11 tracks. (We are currently fighting over which songs are the best..)
The track is a rough unmixed and unmastered song that will be on our upcoming (still nameless) seventh album. Enjoy –
Love, listen and respect each other. 
blue always xx
jack / black swan lane
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19 Comments for Song of the Month


Jack this song is beautiful…. I remember the video on youtube and was hoping it would be on the new one… hopefully it will make the next one. You and John keep writing from the heart… it is felt by all of us who love you guys!! BSL puts out music you can feel and relate too in a very deeply emotional way. Thanks for giving us all the gift of your music and talent…. and friendship 🙂 Best wishes for 2012 <3


Keep these articles cmiong as they’ve opened many new doors for me.

Steve C

This song is hauntingly brilliant – almost addictive. This simply must feature on a future BSL project…or else!

Francesca Barreh

As usual, Fabulous….. Love you Kind Heart…


As a BSL fan, this new material is nothing short of expected, as you simply do not disappoint; can’t wait for a new recording! I live on a steady diet of BSL and get quite hungry without it, so keep it coming…
Thanks and get well soon!

p.s. any chance Mark Burgess will lend his vocals to your new project?


Sorry to hear you’ve lost a friend. It is hard to take and causes all these questions, such as are asked in the song, which is really besutiful.

Lynn Burns

I always enjoy your music and proud to call Jack Sobel my friend ! I hope to see more of your music live in the near future !
Thanks for the beautiful tribute to my husband Dan !

Your friend,

Lynn O. Burns


    Thanks, Lynn. It was wonderful to have known Dan and good to have you as a friend.


For me…this version could go one forever…a total drift, i love it

Antonio Manuel Magina

After 7 or 8 listenings i might say that is now on my top 3 all-time fave christmas songs : greg lake : i believe in father christmas, band aid – do they know its christmas…and now this one.


Hoje respiro Black Swan Lane…acordo ouvindo e vou dormi ouvundo…parabéns…sucesso sempre.

Andy Whitaker

Enjoying this track Jack. Love the snare sound and guitar sound.

Iwona Dykas

Only one WORD……. AMAZING ! And second….. I am enchanted….


    Thanks, Iwona! xx


this new song remains in the graceful spirit of Black Swan Lane… (maybe even stronger than “Dust” or “Stranger”)
How can we be disappointed, one moment ?
We’ve not finished to smile in 2017 below the musical sun of Jack and his acolyts…


You never disappoint. This is fantastic.


    Thank you, Valerie xx


Nice work guys. Made me smile!

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