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B L A C K  S W A N  L A N E – the prisoner

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Brand New single/video “The Prisoner” from Black Swan Lane Since their brilliant 2017 “under my fallen sky” by atmospheric noise-rockers Black Swan Lane, co-founder and music-mastermind behind BSL Jack Richard Sobel, got right back to working on writing and creating new songs ahead. Wah-la! – new music is on the horizon BSL fans. On that note, Wanderland Music Publishing is ecstatic in declaring that Black Swan Lane will launch their highly-anticipated 8th studio album, “Vita Eterna”, accessible everywhere on November 26th, 2019.In the “NOW” though, FORKSTER is so elated and extremely honoured to present to you all the debut single/video release of “The Prisoner” by Black Swan Lane. It features BSL’s Jack Richard Sobelon hauntingly good vocal skies, grooving low-end bass and his signature blended riff vaults admirable to the early ace “Kitchen of Distinction” mesmerizing music platform. It also carries throughout a superb indie pop-rock vibe to the comparable likes of The Ocean Blue. Fellow BSL’s Jason Monseur incorporates ‘steady and ringing’ drum beat merit entirely. The song too includes deliciously smashing female vocal additions from Krissy Vanderwoude (gorgeously swaying vocal voltage during verses / angelic vocal shrills at the chorus points) and Lauren Fay ( adjoining angelic vocal shrills at the chorus points), and if that wasn’t enough legendary riff mastery was provided with trance-inducing ‘roaring and soaring’ delayed riff flights by iconic Manchester post-punk band guitarist Dave Fielding, from The Chameleons UK.

BSL is again displaying a ‘captivating & gravitating’ noise rock elegance alongside their signature shoegaze/dream pop music lights. In closing, the video for me is a stunning visual rendition of a person coming to the acceptance that a new beginning could be at the end of the very distant but yet then gaining light throughout for reaching towards in the reality of an afterlife existence and I gather from the setting it has been perceived from a prisoner’s perspective within the physical building walls as well as his own mindset walls that steer only forth again to the prospering light force ahead. Exhilarating song and video, BSL ‘champions’ again! FORKSTER RATING: 10 out of 10!


I recently caught up with Jack and asked him, “Why did you pick THE PRISONER for being the 1st video off of your upcoming new BSL November album release and what was the entire visual thinking behind THE PRISONER?”

“That’s a tough question. Everybody wants a single, but I don’t write albums that have a single. I’ll write twenty tracks and pick the top thirteen that I want to listen to over and over again. They all need to stimulate me and the listeners in the world. I hate albums that have one or two solid tracks and the rest are shit. I believe our last six albums have accomplished that – where every song could potentially be a single on the album. Some of the songs that get cut sometimes get a second chance on future albums and right now we have enough cuts to produce a b-side album in the future. I selected The Prisoner to release first because it delineates the entire idea of Vita Eterna (eternal life). As the years go by, you start wishing for eternal life and for the physical and mental pain to stop in your present day life. There is a great deal of private meaning for me, emphasizing being trapped and scared like a prisoner at times (metaphorically speaking). It also showcases several other great artists we got involved in the project including Dave Fielding (Chameleons UK), Krissy Vanderwoude (Whimsical), Lauren Fay (The Swansons) and Jason Monseur (Black Swan Lane). I also wanted to release a track, before the official release date, that most would identify with musically who may not have heard our last seven albums. The video is meant to be simple unlike others we have done. Walking as a prisoner, very slowly, down the prison corridor until you almost reach the light at the end.  -Timothy John Forker,


~WATCH HERE NOW~ The World Premiere Video “The Prisoner” by BLACK SWAN LANE


blue always xx
jack / black swan lane
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Jack this song is beautiful…. I remember the video on youtube and was hoping it would be on the new one… hopefully it will make the next one. You and John keep writing from the heart… it is felt by all of us who love you guys!! BSL puts out music you can feel and relate too in a very deeply emotional way. Thanks for giving us all the gift of your music and talent…. and friendship 🙂 Best wishes for 2012 <3


Keep these articles cmiong as they’ve opened many new doors for me.

Steve C

This song is hauntingly brilliant – almost addictive. This simply must feature on a future BSL project…or else!

Francesca Barreh

As usual, Fabulous….. Love you Kind Heart…


As a BSL fan, this new material is nothing short of expected, as you simply do not disappoint; can’t wait for a new recording! I live on a steady diet of BSL and get quite hungry without it, so keep it coming…
Thanks and get well soon!

p.s. any chance Mark Burgess will lend his vocals to your new project?


Sorry to hear you’ve lost a friend. It is hard to take and causes all these questions, such as are asked in the song, which is really besutiful.

Lynn Burns

I always enjoy your music and proud to call Jack Sobel my friend ! I hope to see more of your music live in the near future !
Thanks for the beautiful tribute to my husband Dan !

Your friend,

Lynn O. Burns


    Thanks, Lynn. It was wonderful to have known Dan and good to have you as a friend.


For me…this version could go one forever…a total drift, i love it

Antonio Manuel Magina

After 7 or 8 listenings i might say that is now on my top 3 all-time fave christmas songs : greg lake : i believe in father christmas, band aid – do they know its christmas…and now this one.

Hoje respiro Black Swan Lane…acordo ouvindo e vou dormi ouvundo…parabéns…sucesso sempre.

Andy Whitaker

Enjoying this track Jack. Love the snare sound and guitar sound.

Iwona Dykas

Only one WORD……. AMAZING ! And second….. I am enchanted….


    Thanks, Iwona! xx


this new song remains in the graceful spirit of Black Swan Lane… (maybe even stronger than “Dust” or “Stranger”)
How can we be disappointed, one moment ?
We’ve not finished to smile in 2017 below the musical sun of Jack and his acolyts…


You never disappoint. This is fantastic.


    Thank you, Valerie xx


Nice work guys. Made me smile!


I need to listen your Music which is SUBLIME ART and this song, once again, confirm how great you are…STAR BETWEEN MY BREATHS…BEAUTIFUL dear Jack!!!

Bryce Hahs

Congratulations to all of you! Beautiful music once again. Hope to see you soon.


    Thanks so much! Cheers! xx

Iwona Dykas

What a treasure..!!!… <3….. Like everything what comes of Jack's fingers out !!!!! Never stop making music !!!!! <3 …. Beauty… I know I will never see you live… but every song of BSL means a lot to me….

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