Vita Eterna

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“How to make a good thing better. Manchester, England’s Chameleons/Sun & the Moonleader Mark Burgess profitably helped BSL’s Jack Sobel, John Kolbeck and Co. for three albums 2007-2010, but they’ve made four better ones since—indications of the Atlanta group’s maturation. Now a different Chameleon, Dave Fielding, guests, playing guitar and EBow on 11 songs. The point, reinforced; the group makes fine widescreen atmospheric post-punk rock on their own, like conjoining The Church, Sad Lovers & Giants, and Into Paradise, but a revered ’80s guru piles on vapors of extra spirituality. Fielding’s sweeping, flickering, ethereal wash, familiar from his band’s incredible albums, adds dreamlike yearning to Sobel’s weighty songs and booming, low voice, like a north wind blowing gales over winter seas (occasionally set against ingratiating female cameos, including Krissy Vanderwoude’s). The well-titled Vita Eterna is subconsciously limitless, endless, and timeless, the pleasing opposite of a nightmare.” – Jack Rabid, The Big Take-Over Magazine
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