Dead Souls Collide

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The eleventh Black Swan Lane full length album contains eleven tracks and is the follow up to the band’s 2022 highly acclaimed album, Blind. 

Black Swan Lane has become known as the most Manchester, U.K. sounding band in the U.S. and having previously featured two original members of the Chameleons U.K. on four albums, only emphasizes the British post-punk and dark alternative sound. Dead Souls Collide   was recorded and mixed over the course of a year at Wanderland Studios USA, and mastered by Donn Aaron at Mixon Studios in Atlanta, GA.

Cover Photo ©️ Natalia Drepina

black swan lane

dead souls collide


Guitarist/singer Jack Sobel’s Atlanta group came into their own several LPs ago, and it’s been all audacious knockouts sinceBSL release annual albums that are epic in scope yet full of beautiful post-punk power, and DSC surpasses even 2022’s Blind or 2021’s Hide in ViewTheir kinship with ’80s Incredibles The Chameleons goes beyond two Chams playing on older BSL LPs, or Sobel drumming for offshoot The Sun and the Moon at their only, 2008 U.S. gig: there’s  a post-Strange Times or  Heaven Up HereBunnymen sweep and dark (not goth) textural tension in the standout, heck-of-an opener “The Covenant,” “The Sacrifice,” and the (Irish) Whipping-Boy-esque “Thorns.” These don’t dazzle in static-y shoegaze noise. They’re punchy, burble-bassed/based, guitar rockers that hold you in their grip, with glistening guitar effects effecting rainforest-atmospheric shadings, while the rock-solid rhythm section anchors pulsing gliders such as “Push Me Under” and “Under My Wings.” Haunting and ghostly-lovely, BSL are worth following where’er they go. (

Jack Rabid / editor - The Big Take-Over Magazine 


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